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Furry Babies Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

     "Because they're family too!"

Furry Babies Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is a full service pet care company providing personal and loving care to Furry Babies. Through our years of combined personal and professional experience, each Furry Babies Sitter has developed a vital understanding of the needs and personalities of our pets and their parents.  We believe the special kind of loving care and professionalism that we offer is a step above the usual pet sitting experience.   


Our goal is to treat your pet and home with the love, care and respect we would use to treat our own.  We believe in nurturing our client’s pets, in their own home environment, allowing your pet to follow a consistent and reliable schedule.  At Furry Babies, your pet’s safety and happiness is our main goal.  We know how important your pet is to you; your pet is a member of your family.  As a client, your pet is a member of our family also. 


We offer an array of services that will be tailored to your pet’s best interest and your peace of mind “because they’re family too!” 

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