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All visits include a REPORT CARD.  This is sent in a text or email along with a picture to inform the parent how their furry baby did on each given day! 

(We can tailor all services/activites to Customer's needs, so feel free to ask if not listed!)

Please note: At this time WE DO NOT offer BOARDING services within our home. 

Dog Walks

While you are at work, dinner or simply not able get home, a Furry Babies pet sitter will come to your home an exercise, play with your pet, and give oodles of attention.  All walk times are MINIMUM, they may be longer depending on pet sitter's schedule that day.  All walks include 1 pet per household; $5 each additional pet. Price varies depending on location.

     * 30 minutes --- $30 - $40

     * 45 minutes --- $40 - $50

     * 60 minutes --- $50- $60

Weekend (Sat & Sun) - $10 additional charge for aforementioned services



Kitty Care

A Furry Babies pet sitter will come to your home to care for your kitty(s).  All cats have different needs.  Some kitties need tons of exercise, some enjoy hunting crumpled balls of paper, some need heaps of love and affection and some just want to hang out and observe.  Whatever your cat desires, we will do our best to make him or her happy and comfortable.  Includes feeding, changing drinking water, and meticulous daily litter box maintenance.  There is no surcharge for a complete litter box change.  Maintenance and clean up of home in case of feline "accidents".  Quality time, including interactive play with cats' favorite toys.

     * 30 minutes --- $30 - $40

     * 45 minutes --- $35 - $45

     * 60 minutes --- $40 - $50

Pet Sitting 

Available at your home for the pets with separation anxiety, medical needs, or just don't want to be alone.  Visit includes water refresh, feeding, play time, lots of attention, and any little extras your pet enjoys or requires.

     * 30 minutes --- $35

     * 60 minutes --- $45

Overnights (Sleepovers)

A Furry Babies pet sitter will stay the night in your home.  That way your furry baby is comfortable and having fun while you are away.  This service includes trash receptacles to/from curb, getting mail, picking up dog poo, scooping litter box, and watering plants.  Price includes 1-2 pets per household; $10 each additional pet per night. Please note that this service is dependent on our availability, and provided that the pet sitter feels comfortable with the environment in which they will be staying. 


     * Sleepover (8pm - 8am) --- $100 (Monday-Thursday ~Weekday); $120 (weekend~ Friday-Sunday) and includes 3 walks ( upon arrival, before bed, and departure)


     ​Would you rather we not sleep in your home? NO PROBLEM, we will provide multiple daily visits while you're gone. (Combination of your choosing) Price includes 1-2 pets per household; $10 each additional pet.  

Medication Administration

Giving medication can be stressful and dangerous to the pet and the administrator.  Knowing that a qualified and experienced Furry Babies pet sitter can comfortably administer medications is crucial to your pets health while you are away.  There is no charge for medication given in food or treats.

*Holiday Policy

We can accommodate holiday pet sitting and dog walking; however, there is a small fee attached to each service.  Below are the holidays in which you will find the Holiday Fee: additional $10 per visit applies & $20 per overnight.



Key service: Drop off or pick up ---- $15

*An "Out of service area" fee will be applied if outside our service area.


** All prices are subject to change without notice 

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