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About Us


Lali Navarro

​        Owner 


Lali's passion has always involved animals: from caring for her four dogs and five cats, to taking in strays and finding them homes, to striving to protect animal rights at the University of California - Riverside.  She has been working in the animal industry for 20 years, which included helping run a holistic pet food store and managing a large daycare and boarding facility.  This variety of experience gave Lali specific insight into what she felt the industry lacked. Realizing that some dogs just don't thrive in a daycare environment and recognizing that overcrowding can inhibit one-on-one attention needed for certain dogs, led to the creation of Furry Babies Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. 

"I love all the animals entrusted in my care, and treat them as if they are my own."

In addition to running Furry Babies, Lali is a member of the Schipperke Club of America, she volunteers at local animal shelters, and participates in many local animal events.

Lauren Stebbins


Lauren believes that true happiness is having a pet around.  Though she has been surrounded by animals her whole life, it was this philosophy that finally encouraged her move into the pet industry in 2009.  She began working at a dog daycare, mainly so she could bring her dog to work with her - ha!  Since then, Lauren has also worked in a holistic grooming environment, and privately as a dog walker and pet sitter in both Orange County and San Diego. 

Lauren is always the first person friends call to look after their pets while they're out of town, or even for just a general question about pet care.

She has a great respect for people who care so deeply for their animals and loves to provide the same love and attention to furry babies whose parents are away.


Brett Trumper 


Brett is currently an animal services officer but when he's not on duty he lends a helping hand. His passion for animals is always at the forefront. HIs expertise and meticulous care makes him a great addition to the Furry babies family. 

Most of Brett's working career has been with helping animals, advocating for animals and working as a park ranger. He enjoys hiking, spending time with his furry babies and making sure all the other furry babies are happily cared for. 

His high standard of care aligns with the Furry Baby motto "because they're family too" and we are happy to have him a part of the team. 

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